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Committee Minutes

Academic Standards Committee

Minutes 4/12/05


Members Present: 

            Deans:  Rich Roth, Sharon Braverman, Anne Pautz
            Registrar:  Susan Petrosino
            Admissions:  Pat Gardner
            Arts and Sciences Faculty:  Chris Doyle, Susan Gilmore, Charles
            Waiveris, Matt Warshauer
            Business Faculty:  Gene Baten, Kathy Czyrnik
            Education and Professional Studies Faculty:  Mary Pat Hager, Kim
            Guest:  Christopher Pudlinski (Comm.), Tom McCarthy (Athletics)

Members Absent: 

            Dean:  School of Technology
            Student Affairs:  Jane Higgins
            Arts and Sciences Faculty:  Mary Ann Mahony, Peter Osei, David Smith
            Technology Faculty:  Paul Resetarits

The meeting was called to order at 2:40 p.m. 

MOVED:  To approve the minutes for the meeting of 3/15/05. 

            Hager/Waiveris  In favor:  All.


1.  Proposed changes to Transfer Policy for the Athletic Training Education Program, tabled from the last meeting. 

            Motion to consider the policy changes:  Gilmore/Waiveris.  In favor:  all.

            Tom McCarthy from Athletics was at the meeting to explain the changes.  The wording was somewhat confusing in that the hours required at CCSU could be interpreted to be superseding university requirements.  An amendment to the wording (proposed by Hager, seconded Doyle) was approved by all.  Policy will now read:  “For acceptance into the Athletic Training Education Program, transfer students must complete the required 200 clinical hours necessary at CCSU.”

There was also NEW BUSINESS from the Physical Education Professional Program, a proposal to require a C or better in the courses that are pre-requisites to the program as well as those within the program itself.  Wording changes were proposed for clarity.  The policy will read:  “All Physical Education courses that are required for Professional Program admission and all Physical Education Professional Courses require a C or better.”

Additionally, P.E. wished to have considered some changes in admissions requirements and their retention policy that had not been received in time for the agenda.  A proposal to suspend the by-laws in order to consider these changes (Doyle/Waiveris) was approved by all.  The changes were approved unanimously after some wording clarifications proposed by Rick Roth and Sharon Braverman. 


2.  Previously tabled revision of Application/Admission to Professional Program in Elementary Education was brought back to the table and passed unanimously after Anne Pautz clarified that the revisions would go into effect as of Fall 2006.


1.  Chris Pudlinski presented the Communication department’s revisions of their admissions requirements.  After clarifications that the policy would affect all students beginning with Fall 2005 matriculating students, a motion to approve the revisions was made by Sharon Braverman, seconded by Charles Waiveris, approved by all.

2.  Nominating Committee for the election for next year’s officers was formed:  Kathy Czyrnik, Charles Waiveris, Kim Tower.  The committee will hold an election for Chair and Vice-Chair once the make-up of next year’s committee is determined from Faculty Senate election results.  The committee agreed that it might be better to elect a Secretary at the first meeting in the fall.

Moved:  to adjourn.  Waiveris/Gilmore.  In favor:  All.  Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

                                                                       Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Christine Doyle



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