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Minutes for 12 March 2002

Present:  Cheryl Watson, Barry Westcott, Mary Anne Nunn, Peter F. Baumann, Francis Korfe, Segun Odesina, Rich Couch, Richard Roth, Ray DeCormier, Matt Warshauer, Mary Pat Hager, Myrna Garcia Bowen, Kathy Czyrnik, Sharon Braverman.

This meeting of the Academic Standards Committee was a special session to vote on the proposed change to the University withdrawal policy. 

Ray DeCormier made a motion to accept the new policy.  Barry Westcott seconded.  The motion was passed unanimously.  The required change in the University catalogue language was also passed unanimously.

Ray DeCormier motioned to adjourn.  Matt Warshauer seconded.  This motion was defeated.

Minutes taken by Matt Warshauer, who, at this point had to leave the meeting. 

The following minutes taken by Cheryl Watson:

The Chairman of the University Curriculum Committee has asked the Academic Standards Committee for some input on placing a time limit on course prerequisites. 

Barry Westcott moved to accept the policy proposed by the Curriculum Committee.

Mary Anne Nunn seconded. 

It was unclear why the Curriculum Committee wanted input on a proposal that was already passed.  If implemented, this policy would require a change in the course repeat policy, which does not specifically address the repeating of a course when the grade is above a C. 

Rick Roth moved to table this issue, until we have a meeting with members of the Curriculum Committee.  Rich Couch seconded.  Motion passed. 

Barry Westcott and Cheryl Watson will contact Paul Petterson for a meeting on this issue.

Motion to adjourn by Barry Westcott

Second by Rich Couch. 

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.  

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