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Committee Minutes

Academic Standards Committee

Minutes 2/15/05

Members Present:

            Deans:  Rick Roth, Sharon Braverman
            Admissions:  Myrna Garcia-Brown
            Arts and Sciences Faculty:  Chris Doyle, Susan Gilmore, Mary Ann
            Mahony, Peter Osei, Charles Waiveris, Matt Warshauer
            School of Business Faculty:  Kathy Czyrnik
            Education and Professional Studies Faculty: Kim Tower

Members Absent: 

            Deans, School of Education and Professional Studies, School of
            Student Affairs:  Jane Higgins
            Registrar:  Susan Petrosino
            Arts and Sciences Faculty:  David Smith
            Business Faculty:  Gene Baten
            Technology Faculty:  Paul Resetarits

The meeting was called to order at 2:35 p.m.

MOVED:  To approve the minutes for t he meeting of 4/22/03.

            Waiveris/Roth.  In Favor:  All.


1.  Matt Warshauer apprised the committee of issues that will be addressed this semester, including the following:

  • Limit to the number of credit hours in a given semester sub-committee needs to meet and adopt a proposal
  • Susan Petrosino wishes to talk to us about dismissal notices
  • David Blitz wishes to address the committee about online CSU

2.  The committee examined the definition of Writing Intensive courses requested by Dean Pease.  After some additions and revisions, the definition was accepted by the committee.  Moved to accept:  Waiveris/Gilmore.  In favor:  All.

The committee suggested that Dean Pease be urged to share this definition with the other Deans for their input, with the expectation that Writing Intensive courses may in the future be incorporated into General Education requirements.  The definition as it was passed will be attached to the e-mail containing the minutes of the meeting. 

Motion to adjourn:  Osei/Garcia-Bowen.  In favor:  All.  Meeting was adjourned at 3:05


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                    Christine Doyle




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