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Committee Minutes

Minutes 2/25/03

Members Present:

Deans: Rick Roth, Paul Resetarits (for Olusegun Odesina)

Registrar: Susan Petrosino

Admissions: Myrna Garcia-Bowen

            Arts and Sciences Faculty: Stephen Cox, Susan Gilmore, Mary Anne Nunn, Matt

Warshauer, Barry Westcott

School of Business Faculty: Gene Baten

Education and Professional Studies Faculty: Mary Pat Hager, Carol Williams

Technology Faculty: Peter Baumann

Guest: Timothy Craine, Chair, Mathematics

Members Absent:

            Sharon Braverman, Dean, School of Business

            Nancy Hoffman, Representative for Dean of School of Ed. and Professional Studies

            Jane Higgins, Student Affairs

            Gloria Maria Caliendo, Modern Languages; Robert Dunne, English; Kathy Czyrnik,



The meeting was called to order at 2:30.


MOVED: To approve the minutes for the meeting of 12/10/02.

            Barry Westcott/Peter Baumann.  In Favor: All

MOVED: To approve the minutes for the meeting of 1/18/03.

            Barry Westcott/Peter Baumann.  In Favor: All





There were no committee reports.  The one active sub-committee addressing the issue of the number of courses for which a student is allowed to enroll still does not have requisite information.


1) There was some discussion of the wording of the Leave of Absence policy already approved by the committee.  A question had arisen in the Faculty Senate as to why only students in good standing were allowed to make use of this policy. 

MOVED: To emend the language to allow any student to apply for a leave of absence.

            Susan Gilmore/Mary Anne Nunn.  With one opposing vote, the motion passed.

It was agreed that there is already a clear policy for students serving in the military to take leave, so there was not need to emend the language to reflect their needs.

2) According to the by-laws, the committee established a nominating sub-committee made up of Susan Gilmore, Steve Cox, and Paul Resetarits.

3) Matt Warshauer announced that the pre-requisites for entry into the Professional Program with a concentration in History and Social Science had been passed that day in the SEPS Governance Counsel. 

MOVED: To approve the pre-requisites for entry into the Professional Program with a concentration in History and Social Science as approved by the SEPS-GC.

            Barry Westcott/Mary Anne Nunn.  In Favor: All

3) A discussion of the Honor Pledge was tabled until the next meeting.


1) Tim Craine appeared before the committee to discuss the possibility of allowing students to replace a grade in one course with a grade in an equivalent or comparable course.  He described the circumstances in the Mathematics Department in which there are three statistics courses, each designed to teach the same material but each employing illustrative examples drawn from different fields (such as behavioral sciences or business).  Yet often, if a student changes majors and needs to repeat the course, it makes more sense for that student to take one of the other 200-level statistic courses, rather than repeating the course that student had originally taken.  Similarly, if a student should take the two courses to accomplish competence in pre-calculus and trigonometry (115 and 121), Tim proposes that  those grades replace a low or failing grade in the 4-credit accelerated course that covers both subjects (119).  In an equivalent case, passing grades in 115 and 125 would replace a failing grade in 124.  The committee suggested, and Tim agreed, that the situation itself points to the possible need to revisit the curriculum in the Math dept. to determine whether all the available options are necessary.  It was also suggested that in some other departments a policy stated too broadly would cause great harm, as some departments, such as English, have very different courses offered under the same number.  The committee considered the possibility of omitting the composition of a specific policy and leaving the matter to the discretion of the appropriate Dean and the Chair of the department offering the classes in question, but it was also noted that the committee had already spent no small amount of time dealing with issues that were handled in practice without a stated policy.  Therefore, Mary Anne Nunn was designated a sub-committee of one to draw up a draft of a policy covering this contingency, to be considered at the next meeting. 

At 3:10 it was MOVED: to adjourn: Barry Westcott/Mary Anne Nunn.  In Favor: All.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Mary Anne Nunn

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