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Minutes for the October 25, 2005 Meeting

Meeting called to order: 2:44


Members Present:

M. Warshauer, Chair, (History),  J. Mulrooney (Biomolecular Science), S. Braverman (Business), B. Westcott (Chemistry), M. Hager (Education), K. Czyrnik (Finance), C. Waveris (Math), S. Petrosino (Registrar), J. Higgins (Student Affairs)

 1. Minutes of the last meeting, May 10, 2005 (approved)

 2. Election of Committee Secretary: James Mulrooney nominated, Ballot cast by Chairman Warshauer. (approved)

 3. M. Warshauer outlined the items that are remaining on the agenda.

 4. Motion to change the residential requirement to a total of 30 credits in the major or minor (Westcott)

 5. Motion to discuss current practices regarding the residency requirement at CCSU.

 (Braverman / Czyrnik).

Discussion involved the 15 credits required in the major and the 9 credits in the minor.  Should programs that do not have a minor, require 24 credits to be completed in the major?  Several reasons for support of this proposal were addressed as well as several reasons not to support this notion.  Different practices of the graduation standards were discussed where some programs without minors were requiring students to complete 24 credits in the major.

Motion that the practice for graduation standards follow the written policy stated in the catalog (15 credits in the major and 9 credits in the minor).  (Hager / Waveris) (approved)

Motion for adjournment (Mulrooney)

Meeting Adjourned 3:25

Respectfully Submitted

James Mulrooney

Secretary, Academic Standards Committee.



NEXT MEETING: Tuesday November 28, Blue and White Room Student Center 2:30



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