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Committee Minutes

Academic Standards Committee

Minutes for the November 29, 2005 Meeting

Meeting called to order: 3:08

Members Present:

M. Warshauer, Chair, (History), S. Tomczyk (Accounting) R. Roth (A&S Dean), J. Mulrooney (Biomolecular Science), S. Braverman (Business), B. Westcott (Chemistry), M. Hager (Education), S. Gilmore (English), K. Czyrnik (Finance), M. Mahoney (History), C. Waveris (Math), E. Godway (Philosophy), S. Petrosino (Registrar),A. Paviz (SEPS Dean), K. Tower (SEPS), Z. Kremens (SOT Dean), J. Higgins (Student Affairs)

 1. Minutes of the last meeting, October 25, 2005 (approved)

 2. Motion to discuss declaration of major vs. matriculation date as a determinant of requirements in the major. What is the student bound by, catalog or new program? (Gilmore / Braverman) approved.

 Discussion about programs with premajors, and when those students listed as premajors become majors, what program are they to follow.  The one that was in place while they were premajors or are they to be held to any curricular changes that occurred prior to their full matriculation into the major.

 Motion that a subcommittee be formed to examine these issues, particularly for programs that have “PRE” designations, and come up with language for a consistent policy across campus.  Committee to include K. Towers, M. Hager, S. Petrosino, R. Roth, S. Braverman (Westcott/Waveris)  (approved)

 Motion for adjournment (Mulrooney)

 Meeting Adjourned 3:55

 Respectfully Submitted

 James Mulrooney
Secretary, Academic Standards Committee.



NEXT MEETING: Tuesday January 31, 2006, Blue and White Room Student Center 2:30


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