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Committee Minutes

Academic Standards Committee
Minutes 2/3/04

Members Present:

            Deans:  Rick Roth, Sharon Braverman, Anne Pautz, Olusegun Odesina
            Student Affairs:  Jane Higgins
            Registrar:  Susan Petrosino
            Admissions:  Myrna Garcia-Brown
            Arts and Sciences Faculty:  Chris Doyle, Robert Dunne, Susan Gilmore,
            Peter Osei, David Smith, Charles Waiveris
            School of Business Faculty:  Gene Baten
            Education and Professional Studies Faculty:  Carol Williams
            Technology Faculty:  Paul Resetarits

Members Absent: 

            Barry Westcott, Chemistry; Mary Pat Hager, Education

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

MOVED:  To approve the minutes for t he meeting of 12/02/03.

            Osei/Williams  In Favor:  All.


1.  Proposal by Sharon Braverman and Rick Roth to limit course credit enrollments.  Data from the Registrar’s office appear to show that large numbers of students register for more credits than they intend to take (more than 300 fewer students were enrolled for 16-18 credits at the end of the drop/add period this January than at the beginning).  This “shopping” for courses complicates the beginning of the semester from a teaching perspective as well as prevents other students from registering for the courses they need.  Sharon and Rick proposed the following:

            The Academic Standards Committee recommends limiting students’ registration to 17 credits maximum.  Students seeking to register for 18 or more credits must obtain the permission of the Dean of the school of their major.

Moved:  Paul Resetarits/Rick Roth.

Discussion that followed was mostly for clarification of wording.  The proposal was approved unanimously.   

2. Proposal by Susan Petrosino and Paul Resetarits to use “hours earned” rather than “hours attempted” for Dean’s List calculations in order not to exclude (for not having 12 hours of “earned” credit) students on internships or other programs that are only offered as Pass/Fail.  The proposal:

Change the calculation policy to use the hours earned as the determination for eligibility rather than the hours attempted for a given semester.

After a brief discussion, the proposal was tabled until the next meeting.  In the meantime, Susan Petrosino will check to see how many students this would have affected last semester. 




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