Central Connecticut State University

Academic Standards Committee

Committee Minutes


Academic Standards Committee Meeting
Minutes for March 5, 2001

Present:  C. Watson, C. Jones, R. Roth, R. DeCormier, S. Braverman, K. Czyrnik, M. Hager, M. Warshauer, M. Garcia-Bowen, S. Petrosino, J. Mitrano.

This meeting of the Academic Standards Committee was an informal discussion concerning a proposal for a new withdrawal policy.  No quorum existed at this meeting and thus no official business was conducted.

Rick Roth moved to accept the minutes of February 2002.  Matt Warshauer seconded and the minutes were unanimously accepted. 

Course Withdrawal Policy:

Rick Roth gave a brief presentation on the current and the proposed withdrawal policies.  An in depth discussion ensued and the committee ultimately came to the conclusion that a little more information was needed before voting on the new policy.  Rick Roth will provide this information and an Academic Standards Meeting will  be called prior to the next scheduled meeting in April.

The next meeting shall be held on March 12th at 2:30.  Cheryl Watson will announce the meeting in an upcoming e-mail. 

The Meeting ended at approximately 4:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Matt Warshauer