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Committee Minutes

Academic Standards Committee

Minutes 9/7/04

Members Present:

            Deans: Rick Roth, Sharon Braverman
            Registrar: Susan Petrosino
            Admissions: Myrna Garcia-Bowen

            Arts and Sciences Faculty: Susan Gilmore, Maryann Mahony, Peter Osei, David
            Smith, Charles Waiveris, Matthew Warshauer

            School of Business Faculty: Gene Baten, Kathy Czyrnik

Members Absent:

            Deans, School of Education and School of Technology
            Jane Higgins, Student Affairs; Chris Doyle, English; Mary Pat Hager, Education;
            Paul Resetarits, Manufacturing and Construction; Student Representative

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.


Moved to approve the minutes for the meeting of 5/04/04.

In Favor: All.


1.                  CCSU/Hartford Consortium Courses

We are the only university in the group of 12 that counts Hartford Consortium courses as transfer credits.  The remaining schools count Consortium courses as their own and include the grades in the cumulative GPA.  Dean Susan Pease met with Roseanne Druckman, Director of the Hartford Consortium, about this, and they would like us to consider changing how we handle these courses. 

Moved to accept the following motion:

In order to conform with Hartford Consortium practices among Member Institutions, of which CCSU is one, all courses taken at Consortium Member institutions will be given full credit, including GPA calculations, in CCSU transcripts and will for all intents and purposes be considered a CCSU course.

In Favor: Passed with one abstention.

2.                  Writing Intensive Courses

Susan Pease, Dean of Arts and Sciences, has asked the Academic Standards Committee for guidelines for defining Writing Intensive Courses.  Some departments have requested lower enrollments for such courses.  Dean Pease is willing to comply, but she would like to have a standard by which to evaluate such requests.  After debating potential criteria the committee agreed to first solicit input from academic departments.  An email message will be sent to departments seeking their definitions of and their sense of the desirability of writing intensive courses.

Moved to table proposal to define writing intensive courses pending input from departments.

In Favor: All.

3.                  Requirements for Receiving Honors

The committee discussed student frustrations with the current policy as described in the current undergraduate catalogue (see p. 31), but no action was taken.

Moved to adjourn meeting.

In Favor: All.



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