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The mission of the School of Business is to provide the opportunity for an education in the field of business that is recognized by our stakeholders for its quality. The faculty, dedicated to teaching and informed by their scholarship, prepare students to be thoughtful and responsible business professionals.


Contact the Department of Management Information Systems (Vance 404), George F. Claffey (Dept. phone: 832-2590); Web site address: www.ccsu.edu/business/GraduatePrograms/msbeprogram.htm  

Departmental Overview
The graduate program in business education serves both experienced business education teachers and students who wish to complete teacher certification requirements in business education.

Note: Course offerings are dependent on enrollment. Master’s courses are generally offered once every two years.

The objective of graduate certification in business education is to certify individuals to teach business education subjects in Connecticut’s public junior and senior high schools. Candidates plan business education certification programs with advisors from the School of Education and the Management Information Systems Department. Certification requirements include the following:

• Undergraduate degree in a business major or equivalent academic background

• Courses required by the School of Education and Professional Studies

• A minimum of 12 credits in business education including:
BE 410 Office Education Methods
BE 450 Office Systems Application Software and Records Management
BE 524 Organization and Administration of Business and Marketing Education
BE 530 Teaching Accounting, Basic Business, and Marketing Education

• Additional business courses based on content and recency of previous academic work as assigned by advisor

• Other Requirements:
Successful completion of Keyboarding Proficiency Examination
WP 204 Introduction to Word Processing or equivalent
500 hours of office work experience within five years immediately preceding program completion.

Please visit www.ccsu.edu/grad/FAQ_BusinessEd.html  and www.ccsu.edu/grad/Additional_Material/business_edu_certification.htm  for more details.

30 credits

A thesis option (Plan A) and a comprehensive examination option (Plan B) are available.

Requirements for business education teacher certification must be completed before a student may matriculate into a master’s or post-master’s degree program.

General Education (0–9 credits):
Electives other than from Business Education as approved by faculty advisor

Professional Education (6–9 credits):
One of the following:
EDF 500 Contemporary Educational Issues
EDF 516 School and Society
EDF 524 Foundations of Contemporary Theories of Curriculum
EDF 525 History of American Education
EDF 538 The Politics of Education
EDF 583 Sociological Foundations of Education
SPED graduate course as approved by advisor
Elective as approved by advisor

Business Education Specialization
(15–21 credits):
BE 501 Current Problems in Business Education
BE 598 Research in Business Education
Electives as approved by faculty advisor

Thesis (Plan A only, 3 credits):
BE 599 Thesis

Note: No more than six credits at the 400 level, as approved by the graduate advisor, may be counted toward the graduate planned program of study.


Management Information Systems: Marianne D’Onofrio, Michael Gendron (phone: 832-3297)
Computer Science: Joan Calvert (director MSCIT), Bradley Kjell, Neli Zlatareva (phone: 832-2710)
Computer Electronics and Graphics Technology: Veeramuthu Rajaravivarma, Karen Coale Tracey (phone: 832-1830)
(website: www.cs.ccsu.edu/cit/index.htm )

The Master of Science Computer Information Technology program is offered by the Department of Management Information Systems, in conjunction with the Computer Science Department, School of Arts and Sciences, and the Computer Electronics and Graphics Technology Department, School of Technology. For details of the program, see page 75 of this catalog.


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