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Within the University and its academic schools are special centers and research institutes which enhance the academic programs offered by individual departments. Academic centers are listed with their schools. The University offers other centers with curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular resources and activities.


The Biotechnology Institute at CCSU is an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to developing graduates with excellent research skills to join the growing workforce in the field of biotechnology. The Institute serves as a link between the academic community at CCSU and Connecticut’s biotechnology industries.

The Institute provides unique research opportunities for undergraduates in the area of biotechnology, fosters the pursuit of research, promotes academic programs and student-centered research, develops strong contacts with Connecticut’s biotechnology community in order to create opportunities for CCSU graduates to enter the biotechnology workforce through internships, cooperative education, and full-time employment, and conducts outreach programs that foster interest in biotechnology and science among pre-college students.


The Center for Africana Studies at Central Connecticut State University develops and encourages the study and teaching of Africa, African Americans, and people of African descent throughout the Diaspora. The Center promotes and advances a better understanding of the African and African American experience among Africans in the Diaspora; expands the understanding of the ideas, knowledge, experiences, and approaches to the study of Africa and the Diaspora; promotes research, consultation, and community service among the CCSU faculty, students, and scholars in the community and throughout the world about Africa and people of African descent; provides undergraduate and graduate instruction about Africa, African Americans, and people of African descent around the world; educates the neighboring communities and engages them in understanding the African experience; promotes constructive understanding of Africans and people of African descent; and develops international support systems for students and scholars of Africana Studies.

The Center for Africana Studies sees student participation in its activities as crucial to achieve its goals. In addition, it sees its extracurricular activities as critical both to student and faculty development and in ensuring that the community is well informed about Africa and Africans in the Diaspora.


The Center for Caribbean and Latin American Studies is one of five regional studies centers at CCSU. The Center is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the peoples and cultures of the Caribbean and Latin America through sponsorship of academic lectures, cultural performances, conferences, and exchange visits. The Center is housed within the George R. Muirhead Center for International Education and is located off the main floor lobby of the Elihu Burritt Library. The Center for Caribbean and Latin American Studies initiates and supports student exchanges with Caribbean and Latin American universities maintaining a formal and active relationship with CCSU; sponsors academic research and academic activities that focus on the Caribbean and Latin America; engages in a wide variety of community outreach activities, focusing on links that connect elementary and high school students to CCSU; seeks external funding to support programs sponsored by the Center; and initiates and sponsors a variety of student and faculty Winter and Summer Session courses abroad to the Caribbean and Latin America.


The Center for East Asian Studies at Central Connecticut State University provides opportunities for students and faculty, as well as the Connecticut business community, to keep abreast of changes in economics and politics and of comparative advantages in China, Japan, and Korea.

The Center seeks to develop and enhance global awareness, cultural diversity, and civic responsibility by fostering support for seminars, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions for faculty, students, and businesses in the U.S. and abroad; reciprocal visits of music, artistic, and sports groups; research and conferences; programs to promote international and intercultural understanding; and contacts and connections between Connecticut and the East Asian community, as well as student and faculty exchanges at CCSU’s sister universities in China, Japan, and Korea.

In addition, the Ki Hoon Kim Scholarship Fund, Koh Scholarship Fund, Yoko Niibo Scholarship Fund, and C. J. Huang Endowment, among others, award scholarships to those who are eligible and meet all requirements. These are administered by the CCSU Foundation, Inc.


The Center for Public Policy and Social Research, designated as a Connecticut Higher Education Center of Excellence, is dedicated to enriching the quality of public policy, public service, and applied research in Connecticut.

The Center, which houses the William A. O’Neill Endowed Chair in Public Policy and Practical Politics, has established archival and oral history programs focused on Connecticut’s leading political and public policy figures and serves as a think tank and facilitator for addressing contemporary public policy issues.

The Center’s Social Research unit is an affordable resource for municipalities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and communities throughout the state. A team, comprised of an executive director, an assistant director, faculty members, and students from all CCSU schools, is available to provide research, training, planning, and consulting services.


The Center for Teaching Excellence and Leadership Development, located in Barnard Hall, coordinates professional development activities and resources related to teaching, the assessment of student learning outcomes, and faculty leadership. The goals of the Center are to promote a learning community focused on studying and improving teaching to enhance students’ learning and to enhance the growth of academic leaders in the CCSU community. 

The Center sponsors various programs aimed at building and sustaining a learning community on the CCSU campus. Among the many programs offered by the Center are Teaching Excellence Forums; resources for new and non-tenured faculty for their continued instructional development in the teaching and learning process; and leadership development for current departmental chairs and others. Other activities included in the Center’s mission are Scholarship of Teaching and Learning opportunities and assessment of learning and teaching efforts.


The emerging Emergency Medical Services Academy at CCSU is envisioned as an invaluable educational and training resource for all Connecticut providers of emergency services

Through the development of partnerships with EMS-related agencies and organizations, as well as the creation of a consortium of institutions of higher education, the Academy will focus on creating an educational curriculum for emergency care providers, in order to promote career opportunities in health care.  


The George R. Muirhead Center for International Education (CIE) at Central Connecticut State University is the State of Connecticut’s Center for Excellence in International Education. Drawing on the intellectual resources of an expert and experienced faculty and a highly skilled staff of professional international education administrators, the Center champions the University’s vision to be “global in its perspective and outreach.”

 Through its centers, which exist to serve the needs and interests of Connecticut’s ethnic groups and promote globalization among faculty and students, the CIE provides academic and cultural programs that promote a better understanding of the peoples and cultures of Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Poland, and East Asia. Working with the International & Area Studies Committee, the CIE develops and supports programs beyond its primary staff areas which include study abroad, international student advising, courses abroad, international development, and teaching English as a second language.

All programs sponsored by the Center for International Education strengthen the University’s commitment to diversity. They promote academic freedom by providing forums for international scholars, activists, and political and civic leaders to share their ideas and open dialogue and lively debate on campus about sensitive and difficult world issues. Through externally-funded technical assistance projects, the CIE provides opportunities for faculty to inform their teaching. Through study abroad and course abroad programs, the Center provides opportunities for students and faculty to engage the world and its diverse cultures as their classroom. Most importantly, through the presence of over 400 international students on our campus each year, the Center promotes diversity as a critical component of the development of our students, our community, and our thinking.

The Center is proud of the role it serves in providing Connecticut citizens with opportunities to learn more about the complex, rapidly changing, and yet “smaller” and better-connected world in which we work, live, and learn. The Center strives to foster a greater sense of ethnic heritage among our State’s citizens, but at the same time, it brings people from different backgrounds closer to becoming world citizens.


The Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP), located in the Vance Academic Center, provides educational materials and forums for individuals and organizations interested in increasing awareness of the potential for regional solutions to fiscal and social problems in Connecticut. Regional challenges of particular interest to the Institute include traffic congestion and air quality, linking citizens with more transportation options, training a workforce to meet changing regional demands, “smart growth” and land use planning, economic development, regional tourism development, property tax reform, and the financing of regional initiatives through sharing property tax revenue. 


The Institute for the Study of Crime and Justice serves the interests of the criminal justice community in Connecticut as a centralized clearing-house for the exchange and dissemination of information related to forensic technology, the training of criminal justice personnel, applied research, and evaluation of criminal justice initiatives.

The Institute provides opportunities for students, faculty, and practitioners to collaborate in a variety of professional settings. 


The Institute of Technology and Business Development (ITBD), located in downtown New Britain, is CCSU’s comprehensive business outreach facility. With a mission “to promote the economic development of the state and to help business and industry sustain economic growth,” the ITBD serves a statewide clientele ranging from manufacturers, entrepreneurs, inventors, healthcare providers, and real estate firms to state agencies, Chambers of Commerce, professional organizations, and media groups.

ITBD functions through four business centers. The Training and Manufacturing Applications Center delivers non-credit training programs, off-site and on-site, and helps area companies bring out their products more quickly and cost-effectively. The Conference Center offers high-tech, conveniently located and competitively priced meeting space to large and small groups. The federally funded Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) assists Connecticut businesses in securing work contracts. ITBD’s Business Incubator Program is on the cutting edge of new business growth, currently hosting 21 start-up businesses in varied markets from high to low tech.


The mission of the U.S./China Business Center is to foster mutually beneficial trade relationships between the United States (with emphasis on Connecticut and the Northeast) and the People’s Republic of China.

The Center develops programs to promote an understanding of doing business in China and the potential of exporting to the China market; assists US companies and/or individuals in conducting business with China; and promotes Central Connecticut State University as a leading, innovative institution facilitating United States/China business relationships through its training resources.


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