Academic Computer Coordinating Council

Each academic school has an established procedure for evaluating computer related projects. School Committees and other responsible persons from each school report to the Dean who in turn reports to the Academic Computer Coordinating Council.

The Academic Computer Coordinating Council consists of the Dean of Each Academic School, Faculty Computer Center Director, Media Center Director, Director of Information Systems, Information Systems Academic Services Coordinator, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of Planning, and Vice President for Finance and Administration.

The Academic Computer Coordinating Council is responsible for establishing academic computer policies and coordinating those policies with Administrative computing policies, establishing priorities for academic computing projects, and for Academic Computing funded computer projects.

Computers for faculty may be funded through Department Accounts, Deanís accounts, or the Academic Computing account. If you need a new computer, you should first contact your Department Chairperson to see if it can be funded by the Department. If it cannot be funded by the department, the Dean's office may be able to fund the purchase depending upon the availability of funds and the academic school's set of priorities. All purchases with Academic Computing money require that a project plan be submitted for evaluation by the Academic Computing Coordinating Council which evaluates all plans for the year and sets priorities for spending. When a project is approved, the Dean is allocated funds to carry out the project.

The Academic Computer Center is provided funds each year for the purchase of academic computer software. If you need software, contact the Academic Computer Center in the Library. They may be able to provide such software immediately or order it for you (extension 832-2082).

If you have questions about how to use software or advice on which equipment to purchase call the Faculty Computer Center at extension 832-2082. If you have a problem with the VAX systems or have other computer needs such as repairs, call the help desk at extension 832-1720.