Distinguished Service Award Committee

The Distinguished Service Award/Honorary Doctorate Committee (DSA/HD) annually solicits from the University community nominees for both these honors. The committee reviews and recommends to the University President candidates for both. In the case of honorary doctorates, as part of its review procedure, the committee will seek counsel from appropriate academic departments and deans.

I. Membership: Two administrators appointed by the President; two teaching faculty and one non-teaching faculty elected by the Senate for staggered two-year terms; two students appointed by the Student Government Association.

II. Nominating Process:

a. Recommendations should be forwarded to the President of the University for approval.

b. The number, the date and granting of the awards shall be determined by the President.

c. Nominations may be forwarded to the Committee from any of the following:

1. Instructional and administrative faculty and administration

2. Committees, divisions, and academic departments.

3. Students, student groups and/or organizations

4. Community or professional groups

III. Criteria for Distinguished Service Award: Candidates must have provided exemplary service to the University over an extended period of time.

IV. Criteria for Honorary Doctorate: Candidates must have demonstrated exceptional contributions to at least one of the following:

a. an academic discipline or field of study

b. service to the academic community

c. service to the local, national or international community

d. service to a professional field

V. Recognition

a. The Distinguished Service Award may be granted annually

b. The Award should be in the form of a letter from the President