University Calendar Committee

Membership: Vice Presidents and all Deans, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Enrollment Services, one faculty member and one student.

The University Calendar Committee shall organize itself after September 1 of each academic year but not later than the fourth week of the fall semester. The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Enrollment Services will serve as committee chair and record the minutes. Future meetings shall be held as necessary.

Functions and Responsibilities:

1. To recommend to the President of the University through the Vice President of Academic Affairs, a University calendar to be published in the upcoming graduate/undergraduate catalogs. This calendar shall be in accordance with the current AAUP/BOT contract. It shall normally include such items as orientation, registration, course drop dates, mid-term and other similar registration, other similar dates, examinations, and celebration of holidays not specified by the contract or the CSU Common Calendar.

2. To propose to the CSU Common Calendar Committee through the CCSU representative, suggestions for the CSU Common Calendar.