University Scholarship Committee

The University Scholarship Committee (hereinafter referred to as the committee) is responsible for accepting, approving policies, guidelines, and awards of scholarships made to Central Connecticut State University students. The University policy to assure that scholarships awarded by the appropriate state and federal laws, policies and requirements. The Committee shall be the duly designated body of the University to act upon scholarships, grants and other forms of award, and not under Federal or State student financial aid programs, held by the University or those scholarships for which the University has been requested to determine awardees. The Committee shall also be the final determiner as to the integrity, academic, and other qualifications attendant to scholarships.

The Committee is constituted and appointed by the President of the University and consists of the following: Vice President for University Affairs; Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee; Vice President for Finance and Administration or designee; Director Financial Aid, Executive Secretary; Vice President for Student Affairs or designee; Director of Athletics or designee; Director of Admissions; a representative of the CCSU Foundation; a representative of each of the schools of the university; a representative of the President of the University; a representative of the International Affairs Center.