Advisory Committee for CSU Professorship

Functions and Responsibilities

Pursuant to article 5.6 of the current BOT-CSU/CSU-AAUP contract (1993-96), the Committee advises the President in the nomination of members for the title "CSU Professor." Rights and privileges of the CSU Professorship are described in article 5.6.


Five members of the tenured instructional faculty are elected by the full time instructional faculty of the University in the Spring of each year. A slate of eight nominees shall be chosen by a majority of the instructional faculty of the Senate.


The Committee shall organize itself annually in September, electing a Chairperson.

CCSU is entitles to three CSU Professorships. If there is a vacancy, the Committee may decide to invite nominations. In this event, the invitation for nomination from AAUP members, administrative faculty and administrators shall be issued by October 15. Nominations are due by November 30. the Committee shall review nominations and make its recommendation(s) to the President by March 1.