Cooperative Education Committee


1. One faculty member elected from each of the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Business and Technology.

2. The Deans, or representative of the Deans, of the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Business and Technology

3. Director of Cooperative Education.

The Committee shall organize itself after September 1, of each year, but not later than the fourth week of the fall semester. The Committee shall elect one of its members to the chair.


1. The purpose of the Cooperative Education Committee is to evaluate the Cooperative Education Program and to make recommendations which would enhance its contribution to the education of students at Central.

2. To examine and define the relationships and differences between internships and Cooperative Education experiences.

3. To assess the impact of Cooperative Education experiences on academic performance, student retention, careers and job placement.

4. To establish guidelines for the sharing of information between the Cooperative Education staff and the studentís academic advisor and department before and after each Cooperative Education experience.

5. To coordinate with the Director of Cooperative Education in generating its data and making available the results; and to report with appropriate recommendations regularly to all departments at Central and at least annually to the Faculty Senate.