Graduate Studies Committee


1. One member and alternate elected for a two-year term from and by the faculty of each academic department having a graduate major.

2. In addition, any department offering more than one specialization or degree program may select one member to represent any degree specialization which enrolls more than fifty students annually. Similarly, the faculty involved with offering any interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary degree program which enrolls more than fifty students annually may select a member to serve on the GSC.

3. The Chair of the Curriculum Committee, ex officio.

4. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and the Deans of the Undergraduate Schools, ex officio.

5. One student and an alternate from each school of the University (Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Professional Studies, and Technology) is selected for a one-year term by and from the matriculated students in good standing, in that school according to procedures established by the Graduate Student Association.


1. The GSC shall organize itself in the spring before the end of the academic year, electing its chair and secretary. The time and place of meeting shall be established at this meeting.

2. The by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of GSC members present at any regular or special meeting of the GSC provided that written amendments are presented to the GSC members at least 30 days prior to the call of the meeting.

3. The GSC will ordinarily meet on the third Thursday of each month during the academic year.

Functions and Responsibilities

1. To review and recommend to the Curriculum Committee all proposals and recommendations regarding graduate courses and programs.

2. To formulate and recommend to the Faculty Senate academic policies affecting graduate matters such as courses, programs, degree requirements, scholastic standards, admission policies.

3. To evaluate proposals and recommendations of faculty members, departments, and university committees for their effect on the whole graduate program.

4. To hear appeals from the administrative decisions of the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies relative to admission to candidacy, meeting of degree requirements and similar matters.

5. To recommend to the Dean the names of graduate students eligible for scholarships, fellowships, and other awards.

6. To present to the Faculty Senate an annual report of the activities of the committee prior to the close of the academic year.

7. To advise the Dean regarding graduate programs, policies and procedures.


1. The Committee shall organize itself annually, electing a chair and fixing its time and place of meeting.

2. The committee shall use the latest edition of "Robert's Rules of Order, Revised" to guide its activities.

3. An agenda of items to be considered in any meeting shall be sent by the Chair to members of the committee, Department Chairs and appropriate administrators not less than seven days prior to the call of the meeting.

4. Subcommittees shall be established to carry out the functions and responsibilities as described in the STRUCTURE section.

Subcommittee Structure

1. Standing subcommittees are established to effectively carry out the business of the GSC, the subcommittees shall include:

  • a. Appeals
  • b. Curriculum
  • c. Academic Policy
  • d. Scholarship and Awards
  • e. Deanís Advisory Council (membership includes: Chair GSC, subcommittee chairs, and immediate past chair of GSC)
  • 2. Assignment of members to subcommittees will be carried out by the chairman of GSC immediately following the first meeting of the GSC in the fall semester. Members should be provided the opportunity to request specific subcommittee assignments.

    3. Subcommittee membership will be balanced by School. The GSC chair should make assignments in a fair and equitable manner.

    4. Chairs of the subcommittees will be elected by the subcommittee at its first meeting within two weeks of the Fall GSC regular meeting.

    5. The subcommittees shall review all proposals emanating from any of the constituencies and make recommendations to the GSC membership. The subcommittees shall possess the power to recommend amendments, subject to the limitations of the GSC itself.

    6. The subcommittees shall meet prior to all GSC meetings where pertinent items are on the agenda.

    7. A written report shall be presented to members of the GSC as to the results of the subcommittee deliberations or recommendations in advance of GSC meetings whenever practical.

    8. Ad hoc committees chaired by a GSC member and including GSC members and other University faculty as appropriate may be appointed by the GSC Chair or the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.