International and Area Studies Committee


1. The Coordinator of each of the duly recognized Area Studies Programs, who shall have been appointed by the President of the University for a period of two years from nominees elected by the faculty members academically associated with each program.

2. Directors, Chairpersons or Program Advisors of International Centers, Programs or Departments appointed by the President of the University.

3. The Academic Deans or their designated representative and Chairman of the University Curriculum Committee ex officio.

The Committee shall organize itself after the beginning of each academic year but not later than the fourth week of the fall semester, electing its chairman from among those members representing the academic programs and fixing its time and place of meetings.

Functions & Responsibilities

1. To coordinate advising in programs in International and Area Studies.

2. To identify the faculty members who may appropriately be involved in each International or Area Studies program.

3. To recommend policies to the Faculty Senate which would affect International and Area Studies programs.

4. To review and recommend to the Curriculum Committee proposals for additions of or changes in International and Area Studies programs.

5. To make recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs concerning the organization and administration of international academic programs.