Sabbatical Leave Committees (AAUP & AFSCME)

[Note: There are two sabbatical leave committees, one that handles AAUP members' requests and one for AFSCME members' requests.]

Membership: Eight members for the AAUP Committee; three members for the AFSCME Committee. Members will be from the AAUP and AFSCME bargaining units, respectively. Membership is limited to members of the Faculty who have completed six years of full-time service. No person may serve who is a candidate for sabbatical leave. No member shall serve more than two years in succession.

Election: Members shall be elected by the full-time Faculty of the University prior to May 15th for the following year. A plurality shall be sufficient for election. In the event that an elected committee member is unable to serve, prior to the commencement of deliberations, the next highest vote getter will assume that position. One half of the AAUP committee (four members) will be elected annually, thus serving staggered terms. All members of the AFSCME committee are elected in odd-numbered years and serve two-year terms.

Organization: The Committees shall meet and organize themselves at the call of the University President and shall establish their own procedures.

Functions and Responsibilities: The appropriate committee shall receive all requests and proposals as submitted to the University President by the various departments and areas. The Committees shall make recommendations to the President on the basis of merit and in conformity with the current BOT/CSU/AAUP contract or the SUOAF/AFSCME contract. Applicants shall be given an opportunity to appear before the Committee prior to its making a decision and shall respond in writing to any Committee request for material. In case of denial, the Committee will communicate the reasons to the applicant.