Termination Hearing Committee

Membership: All members of the Instructional Faculty, as defined in Article 16.3.6 of the AAUP/BOT Contract of 1993-1996, shall elect five of their number by secret ballot. The term shall be for two years beginning September 1, with elections to be held in April. The Elections Committee of the Faculty Senate shall nominate a minimum of twice as many persons as are to be elected. If a vacancy on the Committee arises, an election shall be held to fill the unexpired term.

(In the initial election, three members shall be elected for two-year terms, and two members for one-year terms.)

The Committee shall organize itself after September 1 each academic year but not later than the fourth week of the fall semester. The Committee shall elect one of its members to the chair.

Functions: The Termination Appeals Committee shall have the functions and follow the procedures as provided under Article 15 of the AAUP/BOT Contract of 1990-1993.