University Athletics Board


The Athletic Director, five faculty members, four student members and the Vice President for Student Affairs, ex officio and non-voting. Faculty members are elected by the Faculty Senate for staggered terms of two years. Student members are elected by the Student Senate for renewable terms of one year.

The board shall organize itself after September 1, of each academic year but not later than the fourth week of the fall semester, electing its chairperson and vice chairperson from among the faculty members, rotating the secretaryship among the members of the board, and fixing its time and place of meeting.

Functions and Responsibilities

1. The control of athletic eligibility according to the established rules of the University, the Mid-Continent Conference, the NCAA, and any other association to which the University may belong.

2. The review of schedules of athletic contests.

3. The granting of athletic awards.

4. The maintenance of membership in national and regional athletic associations.

5. The review of the annual budget for intercollegiate athletics prepared by the athletic director, and review of practices regarding admission and gate receipts.

6. The review of athletic recruitment policy.

7. The review of the establishment and status of intercollegiate sports.

The Board has the authority to decide cases of eligibility and to make recommendations concerning any of the functions listed above. Recommendations concerning changes in existing policy under Items 6 and 7 shall be forwarded to the Faculty Senate and the President of the University for approval.