University Budget Committee

The University Budget Committee reports to the President and provides comments and recommendations to the President on long-range budgetary priorities for the allocation and reallocation of resources among academic and administrative units.

It also serves as a forum for discussion and advice concerning general budgeting matters: It will inform the University of important budgetary issues and will broaden the discussion of the budget so that it reflects the concerns of the entire campus community. In fulfilling this mission the Committee will work closely with the University Planning Committee and pay particular attention to the reports and recommendations of that Committee.

The University Budget Committee shall consist of the following:

  • Remaining members shall serve no more than three terms of two years:
  • Committee members will by appointed annually by the end of the spring semester for terms which begin in the following fall semester. They may serve up to the three terms. The Committee will select its own chair. The University Budget Committee is responsible for the following:

    1. The Committee will provide written comments to the President on the annual budget submission of the campus no later than March 15.

    2. The Committee will also, using all available information-including the reports and recommendations of the University Planning Committee˝provide allocation or reallocation of resources among academic or administrative units over the long run. These recommendations to be submitted to the President by the end of the fall semester of each academic year.

    In preparing its recommendations, the Committee will, during the fall semester of each academic year, meet with the following officers of the university for detailed discussions of long-range budget priorities: the President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Vice President for University Affairs, the Vice President for Student Affairs, and the Associate Vice President for Personnel Administration.