University Planning Committee

The University Planning Committee advises the President through the Senate on the long-term goals and priorities of the University within the context of the University's mission.

The Committee will recommend to the President criteria and principles which the University should consider in determining its programmatic priorities; review planning documents; comment on proposed academic programs; design and implement a systematic program review process; participate in the drafting or revision of the University's Mission Statement, Five-Year Plan, and Role and Scope Statement; and advise the University Budget Committee on programmatic priorities.

The Committee will report to the President through the Senate and will choose its own chair. Members of the Committee will serve two year terms and may serve three consecutive terms. The Committee's membership will be composed as follows:

The University Planning Committee will provide an annual written report to the President on May 1 recommending programmatic priorities and summarizing its actions and recommendations for the year. This report will be shared with the University Budget Committee.