University-Wide Committee on Instructional Faculty Promotion and Tenure

The purpose of the University Promotion and Tenure Committee is to evaluate candidates for promotion and tenure and to make recommendations to the President of the University, regarding the granting of promotion and tenure in accordance with this document.

Structure of the Committee

a. There shall be a single Promotion and Tenure Committee for teaching faculty, library faculty, and counselors, hereafter referred to collectively as "faculty".

b. The committee shall consist of eleven members elected by the full-time faculty members of the AAUP Bargaining Unit of the University each year before May 15th for the following year. Eight members shall be tenured Full Professors, including librarians and counselors of equivalent rank, and three shall be tenured Associate Professors, including librarians and counselors of equivalent rank. All members must have completed a minimum of six years full-time service with the University.

c. The committee members who anticipate that they will have to be absent from a significant number of committee deliberations shall step down for the entire process.

d. No person shall serve as a member of the Promotion and Tenure Committee in any academic year in which he/she applies for promotion.