Collecting Data From CCSU Students And Employees

1. All research which proposes to collect data from CCSU students or employees, or to utilize data from CCSU student and personnel databases must receive CCSU Human Studies Council approval (if the researcher is a member of the CCSU campus) or approval from the human subjects review board on the researcher's home campus. If there is no review board on the researcher's home campus or if the researcher is not from a campus, then the researcher must seek approval from the CCSU Human Studies Council using procedures and forms available from the Office of Sponsored Programs/Researcher Services (832-2365) or the Office of Planning and Institutional Research (832-1780).

2. Permission from the CCSU Director of Planning and Institutional Research is required prior to collecting data from CCSU students or employees. Furthermore, only the Director may permit access to CCSU databases. Consultation between the researcher and the Director is intended to prevent duplication of effort, facilitate coordination with other institutional research activities, and protect members of the University community from unnecessary or inappropriate intrusions into the classroom, the workday, or campus facilities. In determining whether to permit a data collection activity, the University is pledged to respect academic freedom.

When seeking permission to collect data or use an existing database, the researcher must provide a copy of the research proposal and the human subjects review approval to the Director of Planning and Institutional Research. Depending on the nature of the request, the Director may consult with appropriate members of the campus community. Planning and Institutional Researcher Office review will normally be accomplished within a week.

3. The following routine data collection activities are EXEMPT from this policy: (1) Collection or use of campus data for strictly internal purposes, e.g., program assessment, policy studies, advising, program development, course evaluation. (2) Data collected to comply with requirement of state and federal agencies, accrediting bodies, and professional association. However, consultation with the Director of Planning and Institutional Research is strongly recommended as a means to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, incomplete or inaccurate reports, and conflicting reports resulting from definitional or methodological variations.

In addition, classroom, laboratory and field assignments not normally classified as research may be exempt from review by the Planning Office review provided that findings are reported only in the form of course assignments submitted to the instructor or presented during class meetings. The course instructor should consult with the Planning Director to assure that proposed student projects are exempt from review. Note: Thesis research and all other student research which will be made available to an audience beyond the classroom is not exempt.

4. A file copy of any reports prepared using campus data sources must be submitted to the Office of Planning and Institutional Research.