Evaluation Files And Records

In accordance with Article 4.14 of the Agreement between the BOT and CSU-AAUP, the following procedures shall be followed by DEC's, Deans, university-wide Promotion and Tenure Committee and President:

1. An evaluation file shall come into existence when the DEC has received documentation pursuant to 4.11.5 and first hears from an evaluee pursuant to 4.11.5 (3) or deliberates as a body on the materials gathered pursuant to 4.11.5.

2. When an evaluation file is opened on a member of the Instructional Faculty, an inventory shall be prepared showing all items placed in that file, the date the item was entered into the file, and the source of that item. As the evaluation file proceeds through the evaluation process, all new items entered in the file shall be recorded on the inventory in like manner.

3. When the evaluation process has been completed and the President's recommendation has been made to the Trustees, the DEC recommendation, Dean's recommendation, Promotion and Tenure Committee recommendation, President's recommendation, and the inventory shall be placed in the faculty member's personnel file. All other items in the evaluation file shall be returned to their respective sources.