Faculty Office Hours

The obligation of faculty to hold office hours is specified in article 9.9 of the CSU-AAUP contract. It states: "Teaching members are expected to be available to meet their obligations and confer with their students outside of class. Each full-time teaching member shall schedule and hold at least five (5) office hours per week each semester. These office hours shall be scheduled in agreement with the department Chairperson on at least three (3) teaching days per week at times reasonably convenient for students. Such hours shall be posted on the appropriate departmental office bulletin board and reported by the department Chairperson to the appropriate academic Dean or Academic Vice President. If in the judgment of the Dean, the reported hours do not meet the standard above, the Dean may require that the Chairperson establish appropriate office hours. Alternate office hour arrangements for full-time teaching members with substantial off campus loads, or with alternate duties, may be made with the approval of the Academic Vice President. Office hour requirements may be temporarily increased by the appropriate academic Dean during registration periods.

"The Board and CSU-AAUP agree that all students will be given adequate advising by members during registration and throughout the school year to assure the pursuit of sound educational objectives.

"Part-time faculty shall make reasonable efforts to advise and counsel their students as needed."