Central Connecticut State University has certain self-defining institutional values. Principal among these is respect for the dignity, rights and individuality of each member of our University community. The opportunity to live, study and work in an institution which values diverse intellectual and cultural perspectives and encourages discussion and debate about competing ideas in an atmosphere of civility is a basic component of an education of quality.

We recognize the subtle yet necessary distinction in academic life between censoring speech and censoring conduct. Without abridging freedom of speech, we shall give public expression to our institutional values through published statements and concrete actions. We insist that all members of our community at all times govern their social and academic interactions with tolerance and mutual respect so that the men and women who pass through our doors are enriched by the experience and prepared for full and enlightened participation in a multi-cultural society.

Because of our commitment to pluralism, to respecting the worth and rights of each individual, certain activities counter to our ethics are not acceptable. Acts of intolerance, of hatred or violence, based on race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender, or ethnic background have no place here; they are antithetical to our fundamental institutional principles and values.

As an academic community committed to shared values and common principles, we shall forthrightly and actively oppose prejudice, discrimination and intolerance. We shall maintain a campus environment that genuinely reflects and is respectful of the rich and varied diversity of Connecticut, our nation, and the world. As a public university, we must do no less.