Policy Regarding Racism and Acts of Intolerance

Central Connecticut State University has an established system to process and resolve allegations of either discrimination or intolerance filed by any student, employee, applicant for employment, applicant for admission or any other person, including visitors. This system, consistent with Chapters 67 and 68 of the Connecticut General Statutes, is thoroughly described in our Affirmative Action Plan of June 30, 1994. * It includes methods of appeal. The position of university Ombudsman, created in September, 1989, has proved a most significant additional element in the informal resolution process.

Where To File Complaint:

Physical abuse

Campus Police
Pikiell Drive

Harassment or Intolerance (Verbal and non-verbal insults):

Allegations against students:

Office of Student Affairs
Davidson Hall

All other complaints:

Affirmative Action Office
Davidson Hall


University Ombudsman
Sanford Hall #306

Types of Complaints:

1. Informal. It is usually in the best interest of all parties for complaints to be resolved informally, if possible. Informal complaints may be filed with any of the offices listed above. All complaints will be treated confidentially and be unrecorded. Most complaints are satisfactorily resolved through informal steps.

It is solely the discretion of the complainant whether to initiate a formal or informal process. The initial filing of an informal complaint does not preclude the later filing on a formal complaint.

2. Formal. Formal complaints may be filed with the Office of Student Affairs (student complaint against student) or the Affirmative Action Officer (all others)*. A formal complaint begins with a written statement from the complainant.

Listed below are categories of complaints together with references to documents which address those complaints.

Category of Complaint

Sexual Harassment

Governing Document
Affirmative Action Plan,
pp. 218-225 [Appendix F].
Student Handbook: Appendix -
Conduct and Discipline, pp. 66-67.
Student Handbook:
Guideline for Rights and
Responsibilities and
Judicial Procedures, pp. 63-66.

Discrimination in Employment

Affirmative Action Plan,
pp. 218-225.

Verbal and non-verbal insults based on Race, Religion, Gender Ethnicity, Disability, or Sexual Orientation.
Affirmative Action Plan,
pp. 218-225.
Student Handbook, pp. 66-67.

The Plan does not explicitly refer to complaints based on sexual orientation or ethnic or cultural origin. It is understood that these are covered by the process outlined in the plan. Complaints involving students are governed by the Student Handbook.