The University endorses no solicitation, distribution or promotional literature, or sales of any nature on campus by or for non-university organizations and is not responsible for any such representation.

Solicitation by non-university individuals, groups and organizations-including sales and the taking of orders for sales, except as related to the educational mission of the University or non-profit organizations authorized to solicit under Connecticut Statues in agencies of the state-is prohibited. All persons making permitted solicitations must conform with all state-laws and regulations, e.g., tax and conflict of interest laws among others.

The University, its various departments, and recognized campus organizations are solely permitted to sponsor programs which may include solicitation and sales on the campus. Written permission for solicitation/ sales on campus must be obtained in advance from the Director of Public Affairs.

Promotional literature for private business activities of members of the University community, whether administration, faculty, staff, or students may be distributed on campus only with the written permission for solicitation/sales from the Director of Public Affairs. Materials not approved will be periodically removed.