Social Committee

The mission of the SUOAF Social committee is to enhance the social environment for union members in the workplace. We strive to fulfill this mission by providing activities and events which focus on socialization, appreciation, and recognition.

About the Social Committee

The SUOAF Social Committee is elected every two years. The committee is responsible for organizing social activities for the membership at Central Connecticut State University. Previous committee activities include: union picnics, chapter meetings, ski trips, nights at the casino, holiday toy drives and other events.

For more information about the Social Committee please contact:

Catherine Jost

Social Committee Members:
Catherine Jost, Development Office (Co Chair)
Paula Bunce, IR & Assessment (Co Chair)
Rich Bishop, Financial Aid
Cathy Chung, IR & Assessment
Donna DeCarlo, Engineering, Science & Technology
Laura Marchese, Institutional Advancement
Molly McCarthy, Athletics
Kevin Oliva, Acad Cntr Student Athletes
Lauren Turenne, Admissions
Jennifer Nicoletti, IDTRC (Annual Meeting Representative)
Doug Benoit, Admissions
Chapter President