Provost Carl Lovitt's Presentations & Op-Eds

TEDx Talk  TEDxCCSU October 14,2014
Challenging the engaged university to educate civic agents
Op-Eds for the New Britain Herald Presentations to CCSU Faculty

CCSU and New Britain Celebrate Art

CCSU Educates Global Citizens

CCSU Extends Links to the Community

CCSU Reaccredited by Regional Association

CCSU's Contributions to Workforce &
Economic Development

CCSU's Engagement in the Community

Educating Civic Agents  

Helping Students Graduate

Improving How Students Learn

Overcoming the Attainment Gap

Preparing for Regional Reaccreditation 

What Graduation Rates Mean 

Why CCSU Emphasizes Interdisciplinary Learning

Faculty Presentation 2013-14 (pdf) (ppt)

Faculty Presentation 2012-13 (pps) (videos)

Faculty Presentation 2011-12 (pps) (videos)  

Faculty Presentation 2009-10 (pdf) (ppt)

Faculty Presentation 2008-09 (pdf) (ppt)

Faculty Presentation 2007-08 (pdf) (ppt)

Helping More Students Succeed (pdf) (ppt)