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Secretary's Duties


3. The Secretary

a. Shall keep a record of the proceedings of each meeting, including a correct statement of every motion made and the manner in which it was disposed; the names of the members of all committees and of all other officers of the body; a true copy of every resolution acted upon, with the affirmative and negative votes cast thereon; and all other transactions of each session and its meetings.

b. Shall be responsible for maintaining the permanent records of ASC and the distribution of ASC minutes to all ASC members and other required or interested parties within 20 days following the meeting.  (Note that the Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations, section F, requires that, "Each standing committee and the Faculty Senate shall forward one copy of the minutes of each of its meetings to the University Library for retention in the archives of the University. For information purposes only, each standing committee shall forward one copy of the minutes of each of its meetings to the President of the Faculty Senate, each faculty senator and chairperson of departments.)

c. By the second meeting of each academic year shall distribute copies of the duties and responsibilities of ASC and its bylaws to all members.

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