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Minutes 12/10/02

Members Present:

Deans: Rick Roth, Sharon Braverman,
            Arts and Sciences Faculty: Stephen Cox, Robert Dunne, Susan Gilmore, Mary Anne Nunn, Matt Warshauer, Barry
            School of Business Faculty: Gene Baten, Kathy Czyrnik
            Education and Professional Studies Faculty: Mary Pat Hager, Carol Williams
            Guests:  Myrna Garcia-Bowen (Admissions)

Members Absent:

            Nancy Hoffman (for Susan Biederman), Dean, Education and Professional Studies
            Zdzislaw Kremens, Dean, Technology
            Jane Higgins, Student Affairs
            Susan Petrosino, Registrar
            Gloria Maria Caliendo, Modern Languages
            Peter Baumann, Engineering Technology

The meeting was called to order at 2:40.

MOVED: To approve the minutes from the meeting held on 11/05/02

Susan Gilmore/Rick Roth, Approved: All


Matt Warshauer, Chair, announced that the Faculty Senate had approved the revised Grade Appeals Policy and the revised Repeat Policy, the latter with one significant emendation—the addition of the provision that students may repeat only 17 credits except under extenuating circumstances.  Both these policies are now awaiting President Judd’s signature.


(1) Matt noted that Susan Petrosino could not be at the meeting due to illness.  In her absence, acceptance of her proposed Student Leave of Absence Policy was Moved: Rick Roth/Barry Westcott.  In discussion it was agreed that the new Leave of Absence policy would not supercede the requirements to obtain a withdrawal from the university.  Therefore, as a friendly amendment, a sentence was inserted at the end of the initial paragraph: “This policy does not supercede any existing university withdrawal policy.”  In addition, “Dorm students” was amended to “Students living on campus,” and the provision discussion residence status was amended to read: “Students living on campus must contact the Office of Residence Life.”  The final bullet under “Status while on a Leave of Absence” was amended by the addition of the following phrase at the end of the sentence: “, unless other exceptions had been previously authorized.”  Under “Requirements to Return,” the first bullet was amended to read: “The student need only register for the upcoming semester.”  As amended, the policy was unanimously approved.


(1) For how many credits can a student register: Sharon Braverman suggested that the maximum be set at 17 credits to prevent students from registering for many more courses than they intend to keep, thereby preventing other students from obtaining places in courses.  This new maximum would have repercussions for certain majors either with courses of 4 credits or many courses of only 1 or 2 credits.  It was agreed that the committee needed a sense of the number of students who were intentionally over-enrolling and also the number of students who might be affected adversely by the new lower maximum.  A subcommittee was created to investigate this situation made up of the following members: Sharon Braverman (chair), Susan Petrosino, Rick Roth, Matt Warshauer, and Barry Westcott.


(1) Prerequisites to History Department acceptance to the professional education program: After some discussion, it was agreed that the proposal as received, addressing post-baccalaureate admissions, was a matter for the Graduate Studies committee.  It was also clarified that the History Department needed to submit to the Academic Standards Committee a proposal to make official its practices in the undergraduate major.  Matt agreed to notify the dept. of the need to make this submission.

(2) Discussion of the times and meeting days for the Academic Standards Committee meetings: In discussion it was revealed that there had been some confusion among new members about the day and time regularly scheduled for meetings.  Matt was charged to emphasize to all Deans at the time of Spring nominations the regular meeting time so that nominees would be aware of the commitment involved in election to the committee.

(3) Clarification of the Good Academic Standing Policy: After some discussion that suggested that there was no clear discrepancy, the discussion was tabled until Susan Petrosino could speak to the issue.  It was agreed, however, that, whereas most academic institutions have a two-tiered system, by introducing the concept of Academic Warning Central actually has a three-tiered system, and that was in some cases causing confusion.  Because part of the issue is the students’ eligibility for financial aid, it was suggested that Rich Bishop, Director of Financial Aid, be invited to attend the next meeting at which this issue will again be raised.

(4) Question as to whether or not Deans should have a vote in Academic Standards: It was Moved that the by-laws of  the Academic Standards Committee be amended to make Deans ex-officio members without a vote: Barry Westcott/Steve Cox.  It was proposed that Academic Standards is a faculty committee, and excluding the voices of the Deans is a matter of faculty governance.  It was also noted, however, that Deans have a stake in the issues the committee decides, as they must enforce the policies enacted.  It was noted that the Deans do not have a vote in the Graduate Studies committee, but they do have a vote in the Curriculum Committee.  When the question was called as a roll-call vote, 3 members voted in favor of the motion, and 9 members voted against the motion.  The motion was not carried—the deans will continue to have a vote in the committee decisions.

Matt noted that the committee had had a very successful semester, with excellent attendance by members and a great deal of important work accomplished.  He thanked the members for their diligence.

The schedule for meetings in the Spring has not been established.  Members will be notified by e-mail in the new year as to the Spring meeting schedule.

At 4:08 it was agreed by acclamation to adjourn.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Mary Anne Nunn

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