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Academic Standards Committee

Minutes 3/15/0

Members Present: 
            Deans:  Rich Roth, Anne Pautz
            Registrar:  Susan Petrosino
            Admissions:  Myrna Garcia-Bowen
            Arts and Sciences Faculty:  Chris Doyle, Susan Gilmore, Mary Ann
            Mahony, Charles Waiveris, Matt Warshauer
            Business Faculty:  Gene Baten, Kathy Czyrnik
            Education and Professional Studies Faculty:  Mary Pat Hager, Kim

Members Absent: 

            Deans:  School of Business, School of Technology
            Student Affairs:  Jane Higgins
            Arts and Sciences Faculty:  Peter Osei, David Smith
            Technology Faculty:  Paul Resetarits

The meeting was called to order at 2:38 p.m. 

MOVED:  To approve the minutes for the meeting of 2/15/05. 

            Waiveris/Baten.  In favor:  All.


1.  Proposed changes to Transfer Policy for the Athletic Training Education Program.  The proposed changes (reduce number of CCSU credits required from 45 to 15; drop PE 213 at CCSU requirement if transcripts indicate a grade of C- or better in this course) are designed to enable transfer students to be accepted into the CCSU athletic training program earlier. 

            The language of the proposal raised immediate questions.  In particular, committee members wondered whether the 15 credits were required to enter the professional program or to apply to the program.  Meanwhile, Kim Tower had already been advised by the program directors that they wanted to edit the proposal somewhat before seeking approval.  Therefore, the proposal was tabled until further information could be furnished to the Academic Standards committee about the proposal.  

2.  Proposal to eliminate the probation/pending dismissal actions that currently take place after the Fall semester.  There are difficulties relating to the timeframe being so limited, the inability to reach the students in a timely manner; the possibility of reviewing the full academic record at the end of each academic year rather than each semester was raised. 

            Matt suggested that (since notice of academic standing appears on Pipeline when students access grades) there might be some way of verifying that a student had logged into Pipeline and therefore had seen the probation/pending dismissal notice.  Susan Petrosino will explore the Pipeline possibilities and report back to the committee.  The proposal was tabled pending this further information.

3.  Proposal to suspend bylaws requiring deadline for agenda items in order to consider revisions to several Professional Program Application/Admission requirements. 

Moved:  Petrosino/Mahony.  In favor:  All.

Anne Pautz brought to the committee proposals for revisions to the Application/Admission requirements for several Professional Programs.  She explained that in most cases, the policies are already being followed, but formal changes to written policies had not been processed.  Changes to the following programs were moved by Mary Ann Mahony, seconded by Chris Doyle, and approved by all present:

  • Art Education
  • Secondary Science Education
  • Business Education
  • Secondary English Education
  • Secondary History/Social Studies Education
  • Secondary Mathematics Education
  • Secondary French, German, Italian, or Spanish Education
  • Music Education
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education
  • Technology Education

NOTE:  Any changes to the proposals that come about due to SEPPS requirements will need to be brought back to Academic Standards for re-approval. 

The Elementary Education program raised some questions regarding language concerning the required letters of recommendation (the Elementary Program stipulations are different from the ones on the general Professional Program cover letter) and when the changes regarding required Psychology courses will go into effect. 

Moved:  to table the Elementary Education revision proposal pending clarifications.

Hager/Doyle.  In favor:  All.

Moved:  to adjourn.  Gilmore/Czyrnik.  In favor:  All.  Meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Christine Doyle





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