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Committee Minutes

Academic Standards Committee
Minutes 4/22/03

Members Present:

         Deans: Rick Roth, Nancy Hoffman (for Susan Biederman)
         Registrar: Susan Petrosino
         Admissions: Myrna Garcia-Bowen
         Arts and Sciences Faculty: Gloria Maria Caliendo, Stephen Cox, Robert
         Dunne, Susan Gilmore, Mary Anne Nunn, Matt Warshauer, Barry Westcott
         School of Business Faculty: Kathy Czyrnik
         Education and Professional Studies Faculty: Mary Pat Hager
         Technology Faculty: Peter Baumann

Members Absent:

            Dean, School of Business
            Dean, School of Technology
            Student Affairs Representative
            Gene Baten, Management; Carol Williams, Nursing      

The meeting was called to order at 2:37.

MOVED: To approve the minutes for the meeting of 3/18/03.

            Susan Gilmore/Gloria Maria Caliendo.  In Favor: All

ANNOUNCEMENTS: No matters originating in the Academic Standards Committee have come before the Faculty Senate since the last meeting.

Matt Warshauer, Chair, thanked the members for their hard work and regular attendance in the preceding year.


Susan Gilmore reported from the Nominations Committee that at the time of this meeting there had been no nominations.  It was pointed out that since elections had not yet been held it was not known who was going to serve on the committee in the coming year and therefore who was eligible to be nominated.  Matt reported that he had sent out lengthy messages to the Deans of each school, but that the calls for nominees had not contained much of that information.  After discussing the possibility of meeting in May to hold the election for officers to serve next year, it was agreed to conduct the elections via e-mail in Early May.  Matt will contact the Deans and ask that the elections be held without further delay.

The subcommittee considering a policy to regulate students’ ability to withdraw from classes when an allegation of academic misconduct is pending presented a draft which was discussed and emended as follows:

            Students are not permitted to withdraw from a course while an allegation of academic  misconduct is pending.  Students initiating a withdrawal request before the eight-week deadline will be allowed to withdraw if they are cleared of the charges of academic misconduct.

                        MOVED: Mary Anne Nunn/Barry Westcott.  In Favor: All

 This language will be added to both the Academic Misconduct Policy and the Withdrawal Policy.


There was a moderately lengthy, and heated, discussion of the problems stemming from the current policy for academic dismissal.  The complaint is that students are almost never actually dismissed.  The committee again considered the updated file of the example brought by Steve Cox of a student who had persisted for years with a dismal GPA and who had been able, without any permission, to retake courses multiple times.  Rick Roth noted that students were able to take up to 30 credits of courses as a non-matriculated student after being dismissed and, upon reinstatement, that student could count those credits toward a degree.  Various provisions were discussed, and the history of the establishment of the present policy and language was reviewed.  The committee arrived at the proposal that Susan Petrosino will bring to the committee an accounting of the number of hours being taken on a non-matriculated basis by students who have been dismissed.  It was also suggested, but not moved, that the following language be added to university policy: “students dismissed from the university may count toward any degree from CCSU no more than 30 hours of course credit taken as a non-matriculated student.”


There was no new business.

At 3:42 it was MOVED: to adjourn: Barry Westcott/Steve Cox.  In Favor: All.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Mary Anne Nunn


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