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Academic Standards Committee

Minutes for the April 25, 2006 Meeting

Meeting called to order: 2:37

Members Present:

M. Warshauer, Chair, (History), S. Tomczyk (Accounting) R. Roth (A&S Dean), J. Mulrooney (Biomolecular Science), S. Braverman (Business), , M. Hager (Education), M. Mahony (History), C. Waiveris (Math), S. Petrosino (Registrar),A. Pautz (SEPS Dean), B. Westcott (Chemistry)

Guests: T. Burkholder (Chemistry)

1. Minutes of the last meeting, March 28, 2006 (Westcott/Tomczyk)(approved)

2. Announcements:

Chair Warshauer reported that he sent a letter to department chairs regarding the residency requirement but received very little feedback from the department chairs.

3. Committee Elections

            Nominating Committee put forth the following slate:

                        Chair: J. Mulrooney (Biomolecular Sciences)

                        Vice Chair: C. Waiveris (Math)

                        Secretary: S. Tomczyk (Accounting)

Close of Nominations (Braverman)

Motions for Secretary to cast vote for ballot (Westcott)  Approved

4. Discussion on Minors:  After much discussion, Academic Standards Committee felt that the language in the catalog was sufficient to deal the size of minors as well as related courses to the minor.  At this time the committee has taken no action.

5. Proposal for an evening Final Exam Schedule.

Motion: Adopt a final exam schedule for the evening classes consistent with the day schedule. (Westcott/ Waiveris)  Approved

Motion for adjournment (Mulrooney)

Meeting Adjourned 3:47


Respectfully Submitted

James Mulrooney

Secretary, Academic Standards Committee




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