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Committee Minutes

Minutes for 2 April 2002

Present: Cheryl Watson, Barry Westcott, Mary Pat Hager, Kathy Czyrnik, Ray DeCormier, Peter Baumann, Myrna Garcia Bowen, Susan Petrosino, Mary Anne Nunn, Sharon Bravermann, Richard Roth, Francis Keefe, Gloria Marie Caliendo, Jane Higgins.

Barry Westcott moved approval of he March 12th minutes.  Seconded by Ray DeCormier.  Motion passed and minutes were approved.

Nominating Committee report:

When the new Arts and Sciences members are elected, Cheryl will send copies to the members of the nominating committee.

Ad Hoc Committee on the Pre-Requisite policy:

            5-10 year time limit for particular courses

            This may call for a repeat policy revision since older prerequisites, even those with
            a high grade will need to be repeated.

            Curriculum Committee will put policy forth contingent on repeat policy update, with
            Senate approval.

Withdrawal and Drop policy will come before Senate on April 15th. 

Barry Westcott moved for adjournment. 

Susan Petrosino seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Watson, in lieu of Matt Warshauer

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