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Academic Standards Committee

Committee Minutes

Academic Standards Committee
Minutes for 5
February 2002

The Secretary, Matt Warshauer, was unable to attend the meeting.  Minutes were taken by the Chair, Cheryl Watson. 

Barry Westcott moved to accept the minutes of the November meeting with one amendment.  Mary Pat Hager seconded.

The nominating committee for new officers was selected:

            Mary Pat Hager
            Gloria Marie Caliendo
            Kathy Czyrnik

Elections will be held in May

Cheryl Watson nominated Barry Westcott as Vice-Chair of Academic Standards.  Unanimous second and motion passed.

Discussion of registration and the problem of students registering for many more credits than they intend to keep.  This results in artificially closed courses. 

Mary Anne Nunn suggested that if a student withdrew from a course after the add/drop period and remained full-time, that a W appear on their transcript.  However, if the withdrawal changed the status of the student to part-time, no W would appear. 

Meeting adjourned by unanimous vote at 4:15 pm