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Academic Standards Committee

Minutes 12/07/04


Members Present:

            Deans:  Rick Roth, Sharon Braverman, Anne Pautz, Olusegun Odesina
            Registrar:  Susan Petrosino
            Arts and Sciences Faculty:  Chris Doyle, Susan Gilmore, Peter Osei,
            David Smith, Charles Waiveris, Matt Warshauer (Chair)
            Education and Professional Studies Faculty:  Mary Pat Hager, Kim

 Members Absent: 

            Jane Higgins, Student Affairs; Myrna Garcia-Bowen,
            Admissions; Mary Ann Mahoney, History; Gene Baten, Management;
            Kathy Czyrnik, Finance; Paul Resetarits, Manufacturing and Construction

The meeting was called to order at 3:10 p.m.

MOVED:  To approve the minutes for the meeting of 11/2/04.

            Mary Pat Hager/Peter Osei.  In Favor:  All.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The ad hoc sub-committee formed to develop a formal proposal regarding how many credits students may register for without additional permission has not yet met.  The committee hopes to have a proposal for our next meeting. 

NEW BUSINESS:  The committee considered input from the English department as well as a series of comments forwarded to Matt Warshauer from other departments regarding the definition of “writing intensive” courses.  The committee was in general agreement that this should mean more than that papers and/or essay tests would be part of the work of the course.  Rather, that writing should be talked about in class, that there should be a variety of writing assignments in the course, that writing be considered a process (in terms of revision and/or sequencing of assignments), and that writing should contribute “significantly” to the grade in the class.  These points are covered in the first paragraph of the English department’s recommendation. 

There was some concern that the specific wording in the English department’s proposal (peer editing, conferencing, etc.) would not be amenable to all departments, so Matt Warshauer offered to revise the language slightly so it can be considered at the next Academic Standards Committee meeting.

Another suggestions were that, while a minimum number of graded pages should be a part of the “writing intensive” definition, perhaps each department should be directed to propose its own policy about how many pages and what types of assignments would be appropriate for their own discipline and at each level (100, 200, 300, 400).

 It was also urged that reduced class size should be a part of this recommendation, although as a recommendation and not as part of the basic “writing intensive” definition.

This matter will be taken up again at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m. 

Next meeting is not yet scheduled.

Respectfully submitted,

Christine Doyle



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