Central Connecticut State University

Academic Standards Committee

Committee Minutes


Academic Standards Committee
Minutes 10/8/02

Members Present:

Deans: Rick Roth, Sharon Braverman, Nancy Hoffman (for Susan Biederman), Zdzislaw Kremens
            Registrar: Susan Petrosino
            Arts and Sciences Faculty: Stephen Cox, Bob Dunne, Susan Gilmore, Mary Anne Nunn, Matt Warshauer, Barry
            School of Business Faculty: Gene Baten, Kathy Czyrnik
            Education and Professional Studies Faculty: Mary Pat Hager
            Guests: Tony Carberry, Admissions; Chris Pudlinski, Chair, Curriculum Committee; Susan Vial, Design

Members Absent:

            Gloria Caliendo-Reed, Modern Languages
            Carole Williams, Nursing
            Peter Baumann, Engineering Technology

The meeting was called to order at 2:37.

MOVED: To approve the minutes from the meeting held on 9/10/02:
            Barry Westcott/Susan Gilmore, Approved: All (one abstention)

COMMITTEE REPORTS: There were none.


Matt Warshauer, Chair, suggested that the matter of an honor pledge be tabled.  In the matter of grade appeals, Matt had spoken with Robert Wolf, Chair of the Grade Appeals committee, Felton Best, President of the Faculty Senate, and Pearl Bartelt, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Robert will create a draft for proposed revisions to the Grade Appeals process in his subcommittee to submit for our consideration.  Any members who are interested in working on this project are encouraged to contact Robert to volunteer their services.

Susan Petrosino spoke to the need for a student leave of absence policy for students who interrupt their matriculation for only a brief period, thus eliminating the need for their reapplication upon their return. 

MOVED: To draft a student leave of absence policy:

            Susan Gilmore/Stephen Cox, In Favor: All.
An ad hoc committee was formed to create a draft of the policy.
Ad Hoc Committee: Susan Petrosino (chair), Myrna Bowen, Susan Gilmore, Richard Roth, Barry Westcott.

Chris Pudlinski spoke to the need to re-visit the repeat policy.  After an extended discussion that highlighted a number of issues of both policy and implementation, it was agreed to form an ad hoc committee to draft a proposal.
Ad Hoc Committee: Barry Westcott (chair), Sharon Braverman, Mary Pat Hager, Nancy Hoffman, Carol Jones, Susan Petrosino, Chris Pudlinski (ex officio), Matt Warshauer.

The committee held an extended discussion of the problem of whether or not a student who never attended a class should be given an “F” for failing properly to withdraw.  The discussion revealed that many students believe they have withdrawn on the web but, because they fail to hit the “submit” button (accessed only by scrolling down below the original screen), they in fact have not withdrawn.  The committee urged the inclusion in Banner of some sort of confirmation screen that would notify the student whether he or she had in fact completed the task of withdrawing (or adding, for that matter).  Such a screen could also be printed for the student’s records.  Susan Petrosino and Rick Roth will check into the possibility of adding such a screen.  The majority of the committee members agreed in principle, however, that it was the students’ responsibility to ensure that they were properly registered, and if they failed to withdraw from a course they were not, in fact, taking then the “F” is an appropriate penalty.

Susan Petrosino presented a hand-out on the need for a new grade designation.  If a faculty member leaves a blank on the final grade report, currently the Registrar records a grade of Incomplete.  The proposal is to add the grade of NR—not reported. 

MOVED: To accept the Registrar’s recommendation that the new grade designation NR be created: Barry Westcott/Rick Roth.
In a friendly amendment, Bob Dunne proposed that the grade of NR remain on a student’s transcript only until eight weeks into the next semester, at which point it would revert to an “F.”  Barry and Rick accepted this amendment, and the motion was approved with one dissenting vote.


Susan Vial spoke to the Design Department’s proposed revision of the admission standards for their undergraduate program.  All members had reviewed this proposal before the meeting.

MOVED: To accept the revisions to the admission requirements for the undergraduate major in Design Graphic Information:  Barry Westcott/Stephen Cox
Susan then informed the committee that there had been a revision.  Now, upon the advice of the Math Department, DGI will accept the grade of “C” in either Math 105 or Math 115 rather than “B.”  Both Barry and Stephen accepted this alteration as a friendly amendment.  The motion was approved unanimously.

[A question was raised about the committee’s oversight of admissions requirements, and Chris Pudlinski confirmed that the Faculty Senate now refers all questions of pre-requisites for admission to undergraduate programs to the Academic Standards committee.  It was noted that a change in the committees by-laws should reflect this new responsibility.  Matt will take the need for this change under advisement.]

At 4:02, MOVED: To adjourn:  Stephen Cox/Susan Gilmore, In favor, All.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Mary Anne Nunn