Central Connecticut State University

Academic Standards Committee

Committee Minutes

Academic Standards Committee
Minutes 9/10/02

Members Present:

Deans: Rick Roth, Patty Root, Sharon Braverman
         Student Affairs Representative: Jane Higgins
         Arts and Sciences Faculty: Gloria Caliendo-Reed, Stephen Cox, Bob Dunne, Susan
            Gilmore, Mary Anne Nunn, Matt Warshauer, Barry Westcott
School of Business Faculty: Gene Baten, Kathy Czyrnik
            Education and Professional Studies Faculty: Mary Pat Hager
            Student Representative: Carlos Soler

Members Absent:

            Peter Baumann, Engineering Technology

The meeting was called to order at 2:38.

The meeting began with introductions and a discussion of a change of meeting place.

MOVED: To approve the minutes from the meeting held on 5/5/02:

Barry Westcott/Susan Gilmore, Approved: All

Announcements: Matt Warshauer, Chair, called the committee’s attention to the new website and promised to find a more satisfactory meeting space.

Committee Reports: There were none.


Barry Westcott reminded the committee of the problem first raised last year regarding the imposition of time limits on certain prerequisite courses for classes in the School of Business.  If such limits are imposed, were a student asked to repeat a prerequisite that had expired there is presently no clear policy on handling the new grade.  Last year Paul Petterson, then Chair of the Curriculum Committee, met with Barry and Cheryl Watson, acting Chair of the Academic Standards Committee, and suggested that any action be postponed until the new good standing policy be put in place and a discussion of the repeat policy be undertaken by Academic Standards.  Matt will speak again to Paul as well as to Susan Petrosino to discover a rough sense of the number of students who will be affected by such a policy.


Vice Chair: Barry Westcott was nominated and unanimously elected to serve as Vice Chair of the committee.

Matt had proposed a number of issues that committee might address in this year. 

a) The adoption of a University Honor Pledge.

            MOVED: To discuss the adoption of a University Honor Pledge:

                        Barry Westcott/Gloria Caliendo-Reed, In Favor: 7; Opposed: 5.  Motion carried.

b) Discussion of alteration to Grade appeals Process.

Pearl Bartelt has asked that the committee take this up, but the issue will not come before the committee until it has first come before several other bodies for consideration.

c) Discussion of changing the current faculty evaluation form.

After some discussion it was agreed that this did not fall under the committees purview.

d) Discussion of withdrawal policy and whether or not students should be given an “F: for failing properly to withdraw even though they have attended only one, or perhaps zero, classes.

            MOVED: To address this issue in this academic year:

                        Susan Gilmore/Barry Westcott, Motion carried with one opposing vote.

e) Discussion of a new grade for instances in which faculty fail to assign a grade.  (The registrar currently assigns an “I,” but doing so poses problems.)

It was agreed to delay consideration of this issue until Susan Petrosino could be present.

f) Discussion of  the number of credits for which a student is allowed to register.

            MOVED: To address this issue in this academic year:

                        Mary Anne Nunn/Gloria Caliendo-Reed, Motion carried with one opposing vote.

Stephen Cox then MOVED that the committee address the repeat policy in its meetings this academic year:  Stephen Cox/Mary Anne Nunn, In favor: All

At 3:36, MOVED: To adjourn:  Barry Westcott/Susan Gilmore, In favor, All.

                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Mary Anne Nunn