Overall Ranking

Seattle, WA 1
Minneapolis, MN 2
Washington, DC 3
Atlanta, GA 4
San Francisco, CA 5
Denver, CO 6
Boston, MA 7
Pittsburgh, PA 8
Cincinnati, OH 9.5
St. Paul, MN 9.5
Portland, OR 11
Columbus, OH 12
Raleigh, NC 13
Kansas City, MO 14
St. Louis, MO 15
Austin, TX 16
Nashville, TN 17
Cleveland, OH 18
Colorado Springs, CO 19
Charlotte, NC 20
Baltimore, MD 21
Sacramento, CA 22
Indianapolis, IN 23
Tulsa, OK 24.5
Tampa, FL 24.5
Toledo, OH 26
Lexington, KY 27.5
Miami, FL 27.5
Milwaukee, WI 29
Oakland, CA 30
Omaha, NE 31
New York City, NY 32.5
Philadelphia, PA 32.5
Tucson, AZ, 34
Honolulu CDP, HI 35
Albuquerque, NM 36
Newark, NJ 37
Okalahoma City, OK 38
San Diego, CA 39
Louisville, KY 40
Virginia Beach, VA 41
New Orleans, LA 42
Anchorage, AK 43
Las Vegas, NV 44.5
Fortworth, TX 44.5
Chicago, IL 46
Buffalo, NY 47
Dallas,TX 48
Wichita, KS 49
Washinton, DC 3
Jacksonville, FL 50
San Jose, CA 51
Denver, CO 6
Mesa, AZ 52
Houston, TX 53
Phoenix, AZ 54
Aurora, CO 55
Arlington, TX 57
Memphis, TN 58.5
Riverside, CA 58.5
Los Angelas, CA 60
Long Beach, CA 61
Santa Ana, CA 62
Fresno, CA 62
San Antonio, TX 64
Bakersfield, CA 65
Anaheim, CA 66
Corpus Christi, TX 67
El Paso, TX 68
Stockton, CA 69

Two cities were greatly advantaged by the addition of internet literacy variables this year. Austin, TX was 16th overall but 3rd on internet literacy, while San Jose, CA was 51st overall but 8th on internet literacy. Respectively, they moved up from 22nd & 62nd the previous year when internet literacy was not a factor.

Some cities with a single anomalous score include those being much higher than would be expected based on their overall scores for one specific thing were Albuquerque, on retail book stores, Arlington, TX on education level, Toledo, on library quality & Newark, on newspaper circulation. Unusually low scores include Kansas City, MO for retail book stores, Raleigh, NC for library quality, & Columbus, OH for newspaper circulation.

Moving the total population threshold for inclusion to 250,000 eliminated 17 small cities included last year, but increases in population added 7 new cities.