Political Affiliation and Literacy

This year's edition of the survey explored the possibility of a correlation between the rankings for literacy and political affiliation. Voting data was gathered from the 2004 presidential election (see Methodology). The 15 cities (in the AMLC survey) with the highest percentage of votes for President Bush and the 15 cities with the highest percentage of votes for Senator Kerry were selected:

Bush Cities

Kerry Cities

Plano, Texas Buffalo, NY
Colorado Springs, CO New Orleans, LA
Bakersfield, CA Boston, MA
Mesa, AZ New York, NY
Arlington, TX Minneapolis, MN
Oklahoma City, OK Philadelphia, PA
Tulsa, OK St. Louis, MO
Anchorage, AK Chicago, IL
Wichita, KS Seattle, WA
Corpus Christi, TX Baltimore, MD
Jacksonville, FL Cleveland, OH
Anaheim, CA San Francisco, CA
Omaha, NE Newark, NJ
Houston, TX Oakland, CA
San Antonio, TX Detroit, MI

Analysis of the data revealed that the cities that voted for Senator Kerry were ranked higher in the AMLC survey (Overall and in 5 of the 6 categories). The differences were very significant in the Overall category: the cities voting for Kerry ranked on average #27 in the survey; the Bush cities ranked on average #51. In the subcategories, the rankings on average again significantly favored Kerry with one exception, as noted below:

Newspapers Kerry #24 Bush #57
Magazines Kerry #22 Bush #54
Libraries Kerry #30 Bush #46
Internet Kerry #29 Bush #57
Booksellers Kerry #30 Bush #45
Education Kerry #41 Bush #33