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Cities which moved up the most from last year, not as a result of oddities in scoring (e.g., sharing a metropolitan statistical area with a much higher rated city), are Atlanta, Toledo, New York City, & Newark.
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Overall Ranking
    Seattle, WA 1
    Minneapolis, MN 2
    Washington, DC 3
    Atlanta, GA 4
    San Francisco, CA 5
    Denver, CO 6
    Boston, MA 7
    Pittsburgh, PA 8
    Cincinnati, OH 9.5
    St. Paul, MN 9.5

Top 10
Overall Rankings

This is the overall ranking for each city. A total score was tallied for each city across six different literacy categories: Booksellers; Educational attainment; Internet Resources; Library Resources; Newspaper Circulation; and Periodical publications. All categories were compared against the city's total population. See "Rank by Category" for more detailed results.