CCSU's Annual Report, 2009-2010

From President Jack Miller

As we look back, 2009-10 was a year of continuing improvement in our University on a number of fronts. Perhaps most importantly, we have continued to come together as a cohesive university, working together to provide the highest quality collegiate and post-graduate educational experience that we are able to. To be sure, we have our differences, but they are for the most part constructive differences arising from our conversations about what is best for our students, what is best for Central.

One key measure of the success of our efforts is the improvement of our student’s success. CCSU’s enrollment has grown by some 6 percent--but not from enrolling more students. Rather, thanks to the efforts of a number of people and programs, we are doing a much better job of retaining students and helping them to persist to graduation.

Our work on campus sustainability projects has also been successful. Princeton Review selected the University as a “Green College” in 2010 because of our environmental commitment. And while that is indeed an honor, of more importance is that our sustainability projects are leading to significant savings for our operations. That is good news in these economically challenging times.

You will discover more about our many accomplishments during the past year in this report. But let me close by highlighting one of our University’s most distinctive elements, our commitment to engage our community.

As you will see here, our efforts to engage our communities have continued to expand and to deepen our connections to New Britain and the central Connecticut region. Our students are increasingly participating in programs designed to improve the lives of those who live there. So we continue to serve as a multidimensional resource for our communities, our state, and our region—both as an institution offering an excellent and nationally honored education and as one aiming to have a powerfully positive impact on the lives of our neighbors and our fellow citizens in Connecticut.

Jack Miller,

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