CCSU Anthropology

Dr. Warren R. Perry
(860) 832-2613

My research interests include African diasporic studies, African cultures, African archaeology; African American archaeology, and archaeology of class formation and social inequality. I teach courses and conduct research in each of these areas. I am currently an associate professor of anthropology at CCSU, and Associate Director of Archaeology/ Principal Archaeologist for the African Burial Ground Project, in New York City. I have conducted anthropological research in southern Africa and Ney York City utilizing various research methods (e.g., aerial photographs and LANDSAT images, settlement analysis, archival research, and oral histories).

My forth coming book, investigates the settler version of the Mfecane/Difaqane (a turbulent period in 19th century southern African history characterized by large-scale violence ostensibly initiated by the Zulu) by reviewing the key issues in the settler model and describing their archaeological expectations. The settler model is significant because there has been an almost uncritical acceptance of it and it has remained uninvestigated archaeologically. My analyses of site information collected from the archaeological literature and from my archaeological survey in Swaziland show that the settler model is lacking along all archaeological predictions and therefore must be rejected.

My current research involves overseeing the analysis of the site stratigraphy, horizontal mapping, artifact identification, distribution, and significance of the materials from the 18th century African Burial Ground in New York City.

Courses Taught at CCSU:

ANTH 140 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 150 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 151 Laboratory in Introductory Archaeology
ANTH 200 Dimensions of Diversity and Inequality
ANTH 220 African American Archaeology
ANTH 316 Archaeology of Africa
ANTH 320 African Diaspora Archaeology
ANTH 322 Historical Archaeology
ANTH 323 Urban Archaeology
ANTH 324 Archaeology of The State
ANTH 424 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANTH 450 Archaeological Field School