Cosmic Mandala

The Cosmic Mandala:

Celebrating Tibetan Astronomy

and Cosmology

Cosmic Mandala

This website is based on a poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society and Astronomical Society of the Pacific in June 2008. All materials presented here are designed for educational purposes, both in formal settings (schools) and informal settings (planetariums, community groups, and the general interested public). It is hoped that this website will help educate many about the rich astronomical history and customs of the Tibetan people.


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  Intro to Tibetan Astro Science

The connection between astronomy and astrology in Tibetan culture

Tibetan astronomical terms (and other helpful words)

Tibetan "planets"

Tibetan zodiac and lunar houses

Tibetan lunar calendar

Determining the winter solstice Tibetan style

  Tibetan cosmological models

Cosmic mandalas

  Tibetan cosmology and modern science

Miscellaneous Tibetan astronomical folklore and tradition


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Please note that there are multiple texts and traditions within the larger Tibetan culture. While this website seeks to be balanced, it is limited by the number of available English translations.

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