Getting to the Copernican Observatory and Planetarium:

Directions to campus can be found here: . Maps are also linked off that page. We are located in Copernicus Hall, on the southeast corner of campus (off Paul Manafort Drive). Free parking is available in the Copernicus parking garage.

If you are using your GPS, we are between 245 and 175 Paul Manafort Drive, New Britain, CT on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the street. Copernicus Hall is a square building with large aluminum ventilation stacks on the roof (as well as the observatory and greenhouse).

Once you have arrived, any main entrance (except the south/back side) will put you right onto the second floor of our building. The planetarium is room 211. If you enter from the Copernicus parking garage the entrance leads directly to the planetarium.

If you are attending a special observing session, take the elevators. One goes all the way to the 6th floor. The other only goes to the 5th floor. Exit, take a right, and go up the stairs by the spacy mural to get to the 6th floor.